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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have moved! We are temporarily located at 5 Quarry Ridge, Barrie, Suite 106. We will be here until our brand new offices are built at Quarry Ridge in early 2018. 




Simcoe Trauma Recovery Clinic
5 Quarry Ridge Rd, Barrie ON, Suite 106.
(Exit hwy 400 at Duckworth – follow Georgian Dr. past the RVH, turn right on Gallie Ct.)


Suzanne Aikins | | 705.984.7899
Jody Copeland | | 705.795.5199
Angele Hoffman | | 705.717.5779
Jessica Pino | | 705.627.0771
Brit Lobsinger | | 705.791.0300
L.A. Doyle | | 705.828.5222

If you or someone you know is suffering, STRC can help.

Comments & Concerns

If you feel that your therapist is not a good fit for you, or if you would like to leave a comment about your session, please contact us through the form below, and we will accommodate your needs immediately.

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